Our Team

We have one of the best collections of sex toys online and our team is always there to assist you with any query that you may have while making a purchase. We have a whole range of pleasure toys for men, women and for couples.

Sex toys for men

There are toys available that can stimulate a man both externally and internally from the penis to the prostate.
Love dolls :There are simple novelties to top end dolls that let one experience realistic sexual pleasure that is possible with a toy Strokes and masturbators .These are pliable sleeves that are soft and are used for masturbation. The sophisticated ones are motorized toys.
Cock rings :These are soft rings and they are placed around the penis base.The penis and the scrotum during sex. These help to give intense organism and can also prolong the activity.

Sex toys for Women

There is a little bit more variety when it comes to women's sex toys. This is because women have an extra erogenous zone and thus it gives the manufacturer a lot of ideas to create. The practice of having a sexual play with toys has always been more focussed on women as the sex object. There are geisha and dildos available on our website and other women sex toys that you can browse and decide for yourself.

Sex toys for Couples

There are toys that can be played all alone or when with your partner, however, there are some toys that can be used only by couples.
Bondage kits: They include an eye mask, wip or a croop and ties that can be bound to the ankles or the wrists and a stimulator.
Wearable stimulators for couples : These are toys that need to be worn by either the man or the woman during sex. The simple version is the cage or the cock ring but there are some sophisticated options too. Browse through our sections to know about the toys as well as seduction items that could make your sex life better and more pleasurable.